The flu took over

Hi everyone!

I am a bad bad blogger. The flu has taken over my house and I’m pretty sure that my 5 year old has the chicken pox!.. it never ends!.

I appreciate your patience while I deal with the sickies.. in the meantime why not head over and check out my guest post on . I will be a regular contributer there with a new DIY project each Monday!



Making ornaments

About a month ago I purchased this set of wooden ornaments for my kids. There was 20 in the box and it included paints and jewels ect. What better day to do it than when the teachers were on the one day strike. Was messy,but fun!


I will probably not be able to post before Christmas. So I wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday!

It’s a one of a kind..

I have seen all of these really adorable cake/treat stands around Pinterest recently and fell in love ❤

 I found this red plate with snowflakes on it and I knew it would be perfect for my stand.  Then the hubster and I went and checked out  this reuse store that we have never been too which is always exciting! I found exactly what I needed, I am not sure if it was a candle stick or what.. dosn’t matter.. the end result is shown below 🙂

PicMonkey Collage1

All you need to make one yourself is the perfect plate, a candle stick or something else to use as your base and some super strong glue that will stick to glass (I used Elmers).

Until next time, keep on crafting!


The little nest-Votive holder

I was searching the dollar store for glass votives to use at an event.  I  couldn’t find any plain glass holders, so I looked around some more and found these little glass “pincher” bowls that were only 3/$1 (SCORE!)

They served their purpose fabulously and now I have these holders sitting around my house.. what to do?

Well I grabbed a spool of jute and my handy dandy glue gun and started wrapping the jute around the little dishes.

The end result was these adorable little “nest” votive holders. I cannot tell you how adorable these are.. but I can show you!


Our little Elf friend Maxwell is keeping an eye on things


A new venture

Everyone who knows me… knows that I love to craft!, I think I might have crafting ADD (seriously.. it has to be a diagnosis) because I will do EVERY kind of crafting. This blog will feature my crafting accomplishments along with tutorials and other crafty information :).